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Prompt and well-wrapped for the weather!

- Martha T.

Nice and fast. Easy to use website.

- Rose J

Booking was easy and fast. I would book again.

- Daniel C

It went smoothly. A simple picking of the dates, room and BAM! Great price all around. Thanks for a quick an easy experience.

- Rose B

The website was easy to use!

- Daren P

Quick and easy process.

- Robin B


Easy to use! Be reservation confirmed quickly.

- Gail Watson

It was easy to follow through & understand.

- Philip Gill

My experience was great basically for a simple fact that it found me a hotel room for my wife's birthday on the week of Valentine's Day which I have found out is pretty much impossible.

- Kevin Czerniejewski

Clean and comfortable. Very friendly people, comfortable beds, no bugs. A really nice place.

- Richard Kunkel

It was easy and quick. I booked my reservation in less than five minutes. I always choose to book online to save time and because it’s so convenient.

- ElaineEbk


Was excellent, clear, concise, helpful.Would absolutely recomend.

- Charles W

Easy process. Fantastic vibe with booking agent, Jamie. Answered all of my questions and provided me with the best service I could ask for. Thank you, my team will really appreciate their stay.

- Anson H

Very friendly, patient and kind! Just what we needed when trying to get home and having a stop because of an ice storm in our path. She was wonderful! Thank you!

- Becki Chris G

Clear communication, and very pleasant. Very helpful with proper service. I'm impressed to be honest, it's a rare experience these days a worker.

- Charles M